Ultra Repair and Growth System Bundle of 3

Ultra Repair and Growth System Bundle of 3

This 3-Step system is an all in-one system for the deeply damaged hair types, natural or processed hair. This system includes our  Rosemary and Peppermint Cholesterol Deep Conditioner, Intense Repair Leave-In Conditioner and our award winning Grow-Pro+ Hair Growth system.

Set includes

12oz. Intense repair Leave-In Deep Conditioner

8oz. Rosemary and Peppermint Cholesterol Deep Conditioner

1oz. Grow-Pro+ Hair Growth Serum

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This 3-Step Ultra Repair and Growth Hair system is a value pack of protein and vitamin rich ingredients formulated to restore health and bounce back to severely damaged hair.
It contains ingredients including collagen, keratin and other essential proteins and vitamins to help restore broken hair shaft, give strength to new growth without.
Our Grow-Pro+ Hair Growth serum is formulated to give you vigorous hair growth. What sets Grow-Pro+ apart from other hair growth products is, Grow-Pro+ is not a hair growth oil.
Read more about the difference between hair growth oils and hair growth serums in our blog.