Santrofi Naturay Soy and Massage Soy Candle 20oz

$40.00 $42.40

20oz. Natural  Soy wax candle and massage oil in one. Applied the cooled down melted wax directly to areas you desire massage and rub in to experience total relaxation.

Looking for something unique and exotic. You just have discovered the right item to please yourself and your special person. This candle is made with natural goodness Soy wax and virgin coconut oil. It is infused with our most sort after smell, the Santrofi.

The melted  cooled down wax melt from burning this natural candle wax can be applied straight to massage your body. It leaves you moisturized and gives you a silky soft feel.

Enjoy the total relaxation from this special soy candle and massage oil.


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