5-Step Max Growth Natural Hair System

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Our 5-step max growth hair system for natural hair includes a gentle moisturizing and cleansing shampoo,  moisture rich growth enhancing conditioner, a conditioning detangler, scalp and hair refresher mist and jasmine and hemp seed oil infused hair food.

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This 5-Step Max Growth Hair system is a value pack of moisture rich ingredients formulated with natural hair growth ingredients infused with collagen proteins, keratin proteins and a vast other ingredients to aid vigorous hair growth. 


Step1: Follow steps on Shampoo by wetting hair working from scalp to tip of the hair. Apply more shampoo as needed to remove build up dirt and oils. Avoid Contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Step2: Follow up with Step 2 Growth protein rich and moisturizing Conditioner. Leave on 5-10mins and rinse with cold water to lock in moisture.

Step3. Apply Conditioning Detangler, Leave on for 5-10 mins and work gently with a wide tooth comb to separate hair strands. 

Step4: Squeeze excess water and continue to STEP 4 with our wheat protein scalp and hair cooling mist to help tame fly away hair and tame frizzy hair. Style as desired.

Step5: Follow up and maintain scalp moisture and health with our Jasmine and Hemp Seed Oil infused Hair food for a healthy scalp, breakage resistant hair.

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