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Since 2010

Since it’s inception in 2008, we make sure to use only top quality ingredients in making our products here at Yisoobinaturals. We take pride in all our products. That is why we produce small batches at a time. We know you will love them as much as we do.

Our Hair Growth Serum is a leading customer favorite in many different countries. Join the thousands of others and experience the difference in rigorous hair growth and healthy scalp for yourself.

Specialty Products & Sets

Natural Soy wax candles

Choose from a variety of our natural hand poured soy candles. They are available in wood crackle and cotton wicks

Go Beyond Ordinary with Our Massage Candles

Relax, unwind and recharge with our customer favorite two-in-one Massage candles. Fill your space with good aroma and use the moisturizing wax melt for a relaxing warm massage.

Introducing our Kid Safe Product Line

Our Kids Safe Product Line


Is a big hit with our young customers

Community Transformation Innitiative


Hello Friend,

Thank you for checking us out. I am Yayra, the founder and owner of Yisoobinaturals, a subsidiary of Thebloomsite. I am a Biomedical Scientist, a military spouse and most importantly, the lucky mom to two amazing children.

I love spending quality time with my family, exploring new things, traveling to new places, checking off tasks assigned by my kids and playing spa date with my daughter.  

It is my passion to formulate, produce and share wholesome natural and healthy products with you and your loved ones. Yisoobinaturals and all the products we make is not just a business but my life and that of my family and friends.

Yisoobinaturals started as need to provide a solution to a dire situation in my personal life when my own child was born as a preemie in 2008. I could not find anything that worked for his sensitive skin once my child was out of the NICU. Prescriptions and other products would work for a couple of days but then we were back to square one. I decided to garnish and harness all my research skills as a biomedical scientist and get to formulating wholesome nutrient dense products for bath and body. This decision did not only help my own child and home, but it started impacting every other mom I knew who was in the same situation and used the products I gave them as a gift. One gift item led to another, and soon became a budding business. We use every product we make here at Yisoobinaturals so you can be rest assured that, we will not put anything out for sale that we ourselves will not use.

I hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do.


Yisoobinaturals – Your Natural Goodness Place.


Yayra Asante

(Founder/CEO of Yisoobinaturals and Theboomsite LLc)


Bought the Men’s Leo’s balm and it is doing wonders for my dry flaky peeling skin

“I had dry flaking patches on my scalp and around my nose. The skin will peels off constantly and turn lighter than the other parts of my face. I purchased the Men’s Leo balm and after a day to two of use, I don’t experience any more flaking or peeling. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I think it offers more benefits than listed on the website. I will purchase again even for a higher price”- Samuel, Snellville, GA

Wow! My scalp feels so good and doesn’t even itch anymore

“I just wanted to call you and let you know, you have a customer for life. I got my hair growth oil two days ago and used it same afternoon.

The serum smells so good and it relieved my itch immediately. I have braids on and it’s been days without doing the head banging thing. I am also using it for my two girls. I am a happy customer and a forever customer” – Asty, Haggerstown, MD

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