General Product Information FAQs

What skin care products are ideal for Oily Skin?

For Oily Skins, our skincare line Prime-AHA is the most ideal. It offers maximum moisturizing with less greasy feel. Like all of our skincare products, it is formulated with carefully selected ingredients to provide great moisture, skin nourishing vitamins and other nutrients your skin needs to keep a healthy radiant glow. 

What skin care products are ideal for Dry Skin?

For dry Skins, our skincare line Hi+Dra is the most ideal. It offers an intense and moisture rich selection of ingredients to provide maximum moisture yet light weight enough to make your skin feel silky fresh and non-greasy feel. Like all of our skincare products, it is formulated with carefully selected ingredients to provide great moisture, skin nourishing vitamins and other nutrients your skin needs to keep a healthy radiant glow. 

What skin care products are ideal for Mature Skin?

Our mature skin collection features formulated with your aging skin in mind. It is one of our rigorously formulated product lines that employ scientific knowledge with meticulous ingredient research and selection to formulate products that your aging skin can benefit from immensely. It has products to target dark spots, puffiness under eye, wrinkle minimizing and gently exfoliation and soothing products for refirming, soothe and moisturize your skin to reveal a healthy, youthful glowing and flawless looking skins. 

What skin care products are ideal for Men?

Get ready for the unending complements with our Leo Men’s hair and skincare products. Whether you are looking for an effective non-skin drying after-shave, Our Leo Aftershave Anti bump spray is the go-to product. It offers an effective system that has ingredients to soothe inflamed skin after shaving, stops and prevents bumps all while providing a silky non-drying moisturization.

The collection also features hair and beard oil, foaming facial wash, beard and hair balm and a complete moisture system. Get the set in a deluxe or extra deluxe and added products.

What products are Ideal for Kids?

Our kid’s line UnicornSugars by Ms. Annjeanette features kid’s safe skincare products that you can count on. It is formulated with skin gentle natural ingredients to provide moisture and prevent inflammation due to common kid’s skin problem such as eczema and dry skin.

I need a product for Hair Growth

There is a reason why our Hair growth serum mostly back ordered most of the time. We made sure to leave no stones unturned when it came to this one product. We wanted our customers to have a great solution to common hair problems with this vitamin and protein packed hair serum. No need to spend a whole fortune on different products to get all these great benefits. 

Our Hair growth serum is formulated to enhance rigorous hair growth, prevent hair breakage, maintain moisture of hair and scalp, and prevent itching and dryness of your scalp.  

What is in your Hair Growth Serum?

Our Hair Growth serum does not contain any hormones. It is formulated with proteins and vitamins and other natural ingredients.

I have a natural/curly hair. Is your Hair Growth Serum for me?

Yes. Our Hair Growth serum is formulated with natural vitamins and proteins that enhance and stimulates hair growth, soothe dry and itchy scalp, and stops Hair breakage. 

This product is for men and women all ages and all hair types. This product does not contain ingredients that will alter the hair structure hence ideal for all hair types, natural or processed hair types. Manageability benefits of this hair product from form the moisture rich ingredients in this product. 

Will your Hair Growth Serum help with my baldness in men?

Our Hair Growth serum does not contain any hormones. Baldness is a genetic trait. We are not claiming a medical solution to any problem. There are testimonials from many of our customers about our products helping with bald spots and delaying hair loss tremendously. Please understand that every situation is different, and results vary. It is also important to note that while hair growth is one great benefit of our serum, it also offers other great benefits to the user such as moisturizing of scalp, soothing dry and itchy scalp and stops breakage of hair.

I take Medication that contributes to my hair loss, will your Hair growth serum prevent this loss?

Medical conditions and medication can affect hair loss and growth. We do not diagnose or recommend a treatment of any medical condition. There are many testimonials from our customers about the benefits of our natural hair growth serums such as helping to restore bald patches, stop hair breakage and increase hair growth. 

Product Sales FAQs

Do you wholesale?

We currently do not wholesale our products. We are however looking to add more vendors to our team. As a vendor, you get to become a member of our team and its associated benefits. Please contact us directly to get more information about becoming a trusted vendor and partner with YisoobiNaturls by Thebloomsite at admin@yisoobinaturals.com

Can I pre-order?

We usually do not take preorders and backorder. There may be exceptions to when pre and back orders are accepted for a limited number of items or during certain periods. This will be communicated to our customers during product checkout on our websites and through our social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with all of our latest news and events @yisoobinaturals.

Do you have local pick-up?

We currently do not have local pick up outside of close family and associates. If you live in the Charles County, Mary County, Calvert County and PG county in Maryland, you can catch us at any of our pop-up shows and vendor events that we will communicate on any of our social media platforms