About Us

Our Story, Our Inspiration

YisoobiNaturals was started in 2008 as a home-based table-top shop and established in 2010 as an official business making luxurious hand curated Skincare, Massage, Spa and Personal care products.

As a new mom to a new-born baby in 2008, I sort to harness my scientific and biomedical research training to look for wholesome and gentle ingredients for my newborn and my post pregnancy skin and personal care. Soon my home-made products became a hit with other new moms and friends. We listened and continue to listen to the needs of our customers to formulate, produce wholesome products We take pride in all of our products making them in small quantities and not mass produced. We know you will love them too.

Our Kid safe product lines, UnicornSugars is a big hit with our young customers.

Our Journey So Far


As a trained Scientist, I diligently research and work with other resources to ensure our team formulate products using only the finest quality ingredients. We continue to bring you a wide variety of luxurious hand curated skin, hair, and personal care products and more.

With over a decade long experience in formulating products, we formulate products to address the needs of different skin types. From Whipped Body butters, Aromatherapy Shea Cocoa and Aloe to handcrafted body bars, we are sure you will find the right skincare products for your everyday needs.  Our Coily Coil Buddy Natural Hair Care system helps restore moisture and define your natural coils for a healthy moisturized hair and scalp.  These products are carefully made with the best ingredients for skin, hair and personal care. Write back to us and let us know how we can be of service to you. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. We welcome you to your natural goodness place.

We will like to hear from you and hear you feed back on how we can better serve you.

Skin Care

Natural Skincare for a healthy glow and radiant skin

Natural Hair Care Systems

Nutrient dense formula to restore health and bounce back to your hair

Personal Care

From handcrafted natural soap bars, to bath soaks and salts, body scrubs and bath bombs, you are sure to find your next luxurious and self pampering items and products for you and your loved ones


Wow! My scalp feels so good and doesn’t even itch anymore

I just wanted to call you and let you know, you have a customer for life. I got my hair growth oil two days ago and used it same afternoon.

The serum smells so good and it relieved my itch immediately. I have braids on and it’s been days without doing the head banging thing. I am also using it for my two girls. I am a happy customer and a forever customer

– Asty, Haggerstown, MD

Bought the Men’s Leo’s balm and it is doing wonders for my dry flaky peeling skin

I had dry flaking patches on my scalp and around my nose. The skin will peels off constantly and turn lighter than the other parts of my face. I purchased the Men’s Leo balm and after a day to two of use, I don’t experience any more flaking or peeling. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I think it offers more benefits than listed on the website. I will purchase again even for a higher price

– Samuel, Snellville, GA