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Since 2010

Since it’s inception in 2008, we make sure to use only top quality ingredients in making our products here at Yisoobinaturals. We take pride in all our products. That is why we produce small batches at a time. We know you will love them as much as we do.

Our Hair Growth Serum is a leading customer favorite in many different countries. Join the thousands of others and experience the difference in rigorous hair growth and healthy scalp for yourself.

Specialty Products & Sets

Mood Natural Soy wood wick candles

Choose from a variety of our crackling wood natural soy wax candles. Natural soy wax burns clean and good  for you and the environment.

Choose from a variety of ten smells
Your purchase helps us make an impact on lives through our Community Transformation Initiative.

Skin Safe Bath bombs infused with Essential Oils

Our Spa Products are a hit among our customer favorites. Choose from the adult bath bombs and our kids favorites the UnicornSugars Bath bombs

Introducing our Kid Safe Product Line

Our Kids Safe Product Line


Is a big hit with our young customers

Community Transformation Innitiative

Your Purchase Helps Us Make An Impact On Local Communities Through Our Community Transformation Initiative

Our raw materials are ethically sourced from local communities without the middleman to ensure that majority of the profit stays in the pockets of the Indigenous communities that hard work to produce and process these raw materials.

We also partner with these communities to provide tools and equipment needed for the processing of raw materials, packaging of produce etc.

Find out more about our Community Transformation Initiatives through which we give back to our local communities. A portion of your purchase goes to support various programs to include hygiene trainings, donating of sanitary and hygiene supplies to shelters  and transition centers in our local Maryland community.

Thank you for helping us make an impact on lives through your purchases.

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Bought the Men’s Leo’s balm and it is doing wonders for my dry flaky peeling skin

“I had dry flaking patches on my scalp and around my nose. The skin will peels off constantly and turn lighter than the other parts of my face. I purchased the Men’s Leo balm and after a day to two of use, I don’t experience any more flaking or peeling. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I think it offers more benefits than listed on the website. I will purchase again even for a higher price”- Samuel, Snellville, GA

Wow! My scalp feels so good and doesn’t even itch anymore

“I just wanted to call you and let you know, you have a customer for life. I got my hair growth oil two days ago and used it same afternoon.

The serum smells so good and it relieved my itch immediately. I have braids on and it’s been days without doing the head banging thing. I am also using it for my two girls. I am a happy customer and a forever customer” – Asty, Haggerstown, MD