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Introducing our Shea Cocoa with Aloe and essential oil Body butters. These creamy body butters are made with wholesome and clean ingredients and infused with essential oils for an even bigger skin nourishing benefit.

Our luxurious and nourishing Shea Cocoa with Aloe and essential oils natural body butter features the ultimate treat for your skin and is designed to provide intense hydration, deep nourishment, and a healthy glow to your skin.


Coily Coil Buddy Natural Hair Care System

A rich conditioning and growth enhancing formula for natural hair types to increase moisture, prevents breakage and enhance growth and increased volume.



Thank you for taking the time to explore our brand.
Our passion lies in creating, producing, and sharing wholesome, natural, and healthy products with you and your loved ones. Yisoobinaturals and everything we offer go beyond being just a business; it’s an integral part of our life, as well as that of our friends and community.
Yisoobinaturals was born out of necessity to find suitable products for skin sensitivities and offering our community clean, wholesome natural skin, hair, and personal care alternatives.
Rest assured, we personally use every product we create at Yisoobinaturals, ensuring that we only offer items we trust and rely on ourselves.
We sincerely hope that you will find as much joy in using our products as we do.
Welcome to Yisoobinaturals – Your Natural Goodness Place.

Tailored Products for Your Specific Needs

Cashmere Natural Liquid Soap

Our Cashmere liquid soaps are made from carefully selected natural ingredients, a blend of plant-based ingredients renowned for their skin-loving properties and harnessing the power of nature to deliver a luxurious and gentle cleanse for your daily skincare routine.


Turmeric Kojic Glow Skin Brightening Bar

Experience for yourself why our turmeric soap is a top seller. Our turmeric soap is infused with a hefty amount of organic turmeric root powder and extracts.


Ultra Repair Hair Care system

This 3-Step system is an all in-one system for the deeply damaged hair types, natural or processed hair. This system includes our Rosemary and Peppermint Cholesterol Deep Conditioner, Intense Repair Leave-In Conditioner and our award winning Grow-Pro+ Hair Growth system.



Whipped Body Butters

Experience the ultimate in skincare with our Natural Whipped Body Butter and body oil bundles. Treat your skin to the nourishment it deserves and enjoy the luxurious feel of beautifully hydrated skin. Say goodbye to dryness and embrace a natural glow with these amazingly smelling combo.



Organo-Botanical 100% Organic Hair Growth Serum

Our extra-strength Organo-Botanical 100% organic hair growth serum is formulated with three antioxidant rich and world renowned super hair growth plant extracts. Premium, all natural, scalp and hair nourishing plant ingredients Chebe powder, Amla extract, Fenugreek extracts are infused into this serum along with a vast array of proteins, vitamins, other natural plant extracts and essential oils.




Body Scrubs

All natural sugar scrub with essential Oils is formulated with the finest and top quality natural ingredients to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate skin and moisturize for a subtle soft and glowing skin.




Hair Growth Serum-Customer for life!!

I wanted to let you know, you have a customer for life. I got my GrowPro+ hair growth serum at the Charles County fair 2 months ago

I used it 2 days after I purchased it and it relieved my itch immediately. It smells AMAZING!!

Fast forward, I see baby hairs coming in at the front that I have never seen before. Thanks for taking time to make these products and educating ohthers.

– Ashby, Port Tobacco, MD

I Love the Turmeric and Leo balms

I got a turmeric balm from a vendor in Manassas for flaking patches on my scalp and around my nose. The skin peels off constantly and turn lighter than the other parts of my face.  The balm worked.

I got more from their wedsite and it works

– Cory, Manassas, VA

Shea Cocoa Aloe is my new FAVORITE!! thing

I had cold feet about getting the Shea Cocoa at your stand at the LaPlata place after i tried a sample. That Black pomegranate one stayed on me the whole day and smelled so sweet and was so calming. Last week I got my two favorites scents, pomegranate and citrus. I love, love love it. I will get the Lemongrass for my husband as soon as you restock.

Sonya, Temple Hill, MD

Mango Sorbet Body Butter- Highly recommend!!

I bought the mango sorbet body butter this weekend at the farmers market in La Plata. It’s amazing!!! The smell isn’t to sweet, it’s the perfect amount of fruity. I can tell that excellent ingredients are used in the product the way it absorbs and moisturizes! Will definitely be exploring more products from the brand!! Highly recommend.

Courtney, LaPlata

The Coily Coil Buddy Hair Care system has done wonders for my curls!

The Coily Coil Buddy Hair Care system has done wonders for my curls! They smell amazing and my curls are well defined and moisturized!

Jackie, Waldorf, MD

Bought Eczema Balm. Will definitely purchase again

I bought the Eczema Relief Balm and it has worked wonders on my baby and toddlers’ skin during this winter season. Will definitely purchase again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love the Body scrub

I bought the Jasmine Lemon Sugar scrubs and love it. It is not sticky at all and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It is just as described

Great Review for the Coily Coil Hair Care Set

I bought the Coily Coil Hair Care Set for my sister and niece at your stand at the LaPlata Farmers market. I shipped it to her in Atlanta, GA.

She called to tell me how amazing the products are and it cut her hair care routine in half. Her daughter has very thick hair and tight coils that takes her forever to fix. this product helped made it easier to manage and cut the time it took to get my nieces hair done. I am getting more for her and for myself.

I am a Happy Customer, LaPata, MD


I absolutely love your products

Hi I stopped by your shop this morning at the La Plata Farmers Market. My daughter and I stopped and shopped with you and I wanted to say you have a repeat customer. I absolutely love your products. A little truly goes along way the smell is beyond beautiful but they just feel so good on the skin. Just wanted to say that. I absolutely love your products and plan on buying more soon.

Thank you
Tiffany and Nalani. ❤️🌹

 April 8th, 2023

I cannot say enough good things

I cannot say enough good things. I had the hardest time managing my daughters curls. I got the coily coil shampoo, conditioner, & detangler & they are LIFESAVERS. Every other product I’ve tried here has been amazing as well. The bar soaps leave your skin feeling amazing & my daughters are obsessed with the bath bombs.

Alexis Buffaloe

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Benefits of Body Butters

Benefits of Body Butters

What are Body Butters? Body butter is a moisturizing skin care cream usually made from a combination of butters and oils. It is a thick rich consistency cream made from butters such as shea, cocoa, or mango butters. Some expertly and top formulated body butters are...